Thailand defense modernization effort phase II

Are very encouraging developments in Thailand. From some press release issued by the government of Thailand, Thailand will soon make the purchase of defense equipment for the second phase. The second phase is expected to start in 2012. Some items are to be proposed in the second phase are:

image from: wikipedia
A. 6 Fruit Gripen fighter aircraft for the air force thailand.
2. 1 Unit AWAC aircraft SAAB erieye

This second phase is estimated that it would spend up to $ 500 million.

As we know, Thailand has completed phase one of a defense modernization efforts, both for the air force, navy and army.
Some of the tools that have been purchased by pertahaanan thailand in phase 1 are:
A. 6 units of Gripen fighter aircraft
2. 1 Unit of AWAC planes erieye
3. MBT oplot of Ukraine, a number less than 60 units.
4. China-made frigate
5. Some MLRS units WS   china made ​​

Thailand is also known to try to get the submarine. Thailand has proposed a naval submarine U206 from Germany. Unfortunately this business is getting tough opposition from parliament Thailand.

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