Indonesia sign aggrement with dalmen for 105 m missile escort vessel units, PKR 1054

After so long not heard from, he Indonesian Government finally signed a deal with the maker of Dutch warships, Damen,  to build one missile escort vessel units, PKR 1054. 

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia (RI Kemhan) through the Defense Facilities Agency (Baranahan) formally signed a contract procurement 1 unit Guard Ship Missile Destroyer (PKR) 10 514 Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding in (DSNs), the Netherlands.Contract signed by the Chief Baranahan Kemhan Maj. Gen. Prabowo Ediwan representing the Director of Naval Affairs Kemhan Sale of DSNs Evert van den Broek is in this case represents the DSNs, Tuesday (5/6) in Kemhan office, Jakarta. 

Present and witnessed the signing of a number of officials in the Kemhan, TNI Headquarters and Navy Headquarters. Also present were the Dutch ambassador to Indonesia Tjeerd de Zwaan and Director of PT.PAL Indonesia (Persero) Ir M Firmansyah Arfin.PKR 10 514 Ship procurement in order to strengthen the ranks of the Navy Alutsista in order to support the task of maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Homeland.

 Besides being available for the task - the task of combat, ship PKR 10 514 is also required to provide a deterrent effect (effects of fear) against any party that would try to disrupt the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Homeland.Kabaranahan Kemhan RI, said the construction of this ship PKR 10 514, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding conduct joint production (production cooperative) with PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero) as the domestic defense industry. Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has decided to give the Transfer of Technology (ToT) in the construction of ship design and construction of 10 514 USD to PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero).The plan, PKR 10 514 ships will be built in three places, among others, PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero), Vlisingen and Galatz. Last Ship PKR PT.PAL 10 514 will be assembled in Indonesia (Persero). 

Hopefully, PKR 10 514 ships have been completed and handed over in early 2017.Kabaranahan further said, this is a good start of the domestic defense industry, especially PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero) in developing self-reliance in the field of Alutsista. It is also in line with government policy in this regard Kemhan (Defence Minister ) Affairs through the National Committee for Defense Industries (KKIP) which will implement the master plan for revitalizing the defense industry in order to encourage and enhance the domestic defense industry.Meanwhile, in order to support the procurement of PKR 10 514 ships, the government revealed RI Kabaranahan Kemhan Indonesia allocates export credits with multiyear allocation by the amount of 220 million U.S. dollars. (

BDI / SR)TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF SHIP PKR 10 514Price / Unit USD 220,000,000.00
The completion time of 49 months
TECHNICAL DATA PLATFORM105 meters LOAWidth of 14 metersDraft of 3.7 meters2335 tons displacement
Max Speed ​​/ Cruise / Economic knots 28/18/14
Range at 14/18 knots 5000 NM
Endurance 20 days
Sea Keeping Up to Sea State 5
Crews 120 people
Helli Pad 10 tons
TANK CAPACITY Fuel Oil 300 ton
Fresh Water 60 tons
PROPULSION SYSTEMMain Engine 2 x Diesel Engine                       2 x E Drive (CODOE)Diesel Generator 4 x 715 kw                       2 x 435 kwGear Box CODOE,                                 
    Heavy DutyCOMBAT SYSTEMAnti Air weaponry attack    Anti-submarine attack    Top anti-ship attack

src : DMC


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