MAlaysia Air Force (RMAF) will get new fighter plane

Defense Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi conference when the House of Commons recently announced that the Ministry of Defense procurement study are multi-purpose combat aircraft (MRCA) from four producing countries, namely United States, France, Italy and Sweden as a substitute to existing fighter aircraft MiG - 29N.

Announcement was made on October 28 and have confirmed that the service combat aircraft from the Russian MiG-29N is being used by the Royal Malaysian Air Force will be terminated at the end of 2010. At this RMAF has 16 MiG-29N is based in Kuantan.

Results replace the MiG-29N public attention not only because of the high cost but also it will change the scenario of air superiority Asia-Pacific region. Indeed not be denied the purchase of assets of each fighter will have to swallow the high expenses and decisions that had already been studied with depth.

Acquisition of 18 fighter aircraft Sukhoi SU-30 MKM will certainly attract attention because it involves a relatively large expenditure of RM3.42 billion, ie. But the high cost that can easily offset the strategic importance of ownership SU-30 in the context of national defense and sovereignty.

If there are those that are still disputed acquisition of SU-30, the voice only includes minorities.

If the parties have disputed the replacement of the MiG-29N, it is logical to many that revolve around these aircraft can still be used because its use by the RMAF new age reaching 20 years.

Using the theorem is also concerned that the decision has been menghujahkan replacement MiG-29N that will benefit certain parties who are often dealing with the Ministry of Defense.

Indeed be accepted that the MiG-29N still have a role in the RMAF, but throughout its operations two decades, many aircraft that cause problems especially related to the cost of repair.

Government had to spend an average up to RM260 million a year just to senggara 16 MiG-29N, ie a ratio of cost per aircraft between senggara highest in the world.

In the 2010 Budget presentation last month, the Malaysian Armed Forces received a relatively limited provisions for business operations and development of national defense.

Development of defense allocation of RM1.9 billion in 2010 for example is far less if compared to the previous year of RM2.3 billion.

In addition to the procurement of two Scorpene submarines, certain operating costs of assets Malaysian Armed Forces will be increased with very sharp.

Malaysia can not take a defensive approach to the doctrine of Singapore such as the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is able to organize their defense strategies as well as the annual allocation has a fairly lucrative until reaching 6 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the republic.

Procurement of defense assets SAF whether involving fighter aircraft, submarines and combat helicopters, usually does not take endah costs incurred because of the provision would allow the defense of Singapore.

Each results only take into account the acquisition of assets of one factor, namely strategic importance that could ensure the country's sovereignty.

Because of that decision replace the MiG-29N is considered as a strategic policy not only to guarantee the interests of national sovereignty but also to ensure that expenses for the operation or whether the development of defense used preferably.

Spends as much as RM16 million a year for operating a MiG-29N is not worthwhile because the aircraft capabilities far behind compared to the SU-30.

If examined from a strategic angle, the coupling fighter aircraft SU-30 with the MRCA will be made is not so remarkable about the MRCA of the U.S., France, Italy or Sweden.

Ability SU-30 can only match but exceed the capacity owned by U.S. made advanced fighter jets such as F-22 Raptor. Even if not overwhelming stated that U.S. fighter jets such as F5, F15 and F16 as owned by Singapore Air Force (RSAF) is far behind the ability of SU-30.

If earnings 18 SU-30 jet fighters RMAF has been marked as the dominant air power in the region, once so very sure coupling SU-30 and the MRCA will certainly be obtained as the Royal Malaysian Air Force air power should be respected.

Such a perception is not only important to national defense and even more important to guarantee the sovereignty of Malaysia.

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  1. when the Malaysia acquired Mig-29 in1993, company pay cash for Mig-29 and he received mine from government. did it?