Indonesia install Yakhont Missile in their Frigate

PT. PAL, Indonesia shipyard industry in particular Battleship Division is currently installing missile Yakhont (P-800 Oniks) came from Russia to the Van-class warship KRI Oswald Siahaan Speijk-354.

Head Installation Project missile Yakhunt Sutrisno said today his party was making the installation of missiles in the stomach KRI OWA. "It is expected in April next four missiles from Russia would come and ready to be installed in HMS OWA, he said," Tuesday (16 / 2) in Surabaya.

Previously, PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) is also able to overhaul Submarine KRI KRI Cakra and Nanggala in 1995 and 1997. "We're actually capable of. Only, so far not given a chance," said Chairman of the Trade Union PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) Yuniarto LEKSANA.

The P-800 Oniks (Russian: П-800 Оникс, alternatively termed Yakhont (Яхонт) for export markets; "Oniks" is onyx, and "Yakhont" is ruby or sapphire in English) is a Russian (former Soviet) supersonic anti-ship cruise missile developed by NPO Mashinostroyeniya as a ramjet version of P-80 Zubr. Its GRAU designation is 3M55. Development reportedly started in 1983, and by 2001 allowed the launch of the missile from land, sea, air and submarine. The missile has the NATO reporting codename SS-N-26. It is reportedly a replacement for the P-270 Moskit, but possibly also for the P-700 Granit. The P-800 was reportedly used as the basis for the joint Russian-Indian supersonic missile the PJ-10 BrahMos.

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