Paramount, South africa defense company sign agreement with indonesian defense company

UAV aircraft maker from South Africa, Paramount came to Indonesia in earlyJune this year. The purpose of the UAV flight arrival permbuat Africa is toestablish cooperation with PT.DI UAV aircraft manufacturing and vehiclemanufacturing tactical cooperation with PT. Pindad.
As we know South Africa is an African country with a good defense industrialcapability. South Africa is also known to have the ability to produce anti-aircraftmissiles, fighter aircraft, tactical vehicles and electronic devices.

Paramount also is developing a light reconnaissance aircraft that are intended as a substitute for UAV aircraft. This plane is called AHRLAC (Advanced High Performance Light Reconnaissance Aircraft). AHRLAC claimed to have many advantages, namely:
A. low-cost
2. Prices are also relatively inexpensive
3. Has a range up to 2000 km

Paramount also offered to cooperate with Indonesia to manufacture anti-terroristvehicle. In this case, the paramount willing to provide technical assistance in the form of equipment and expertise, as well as funding the production. Whilemeeting with PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, has produced an activity with the twoparties to conduct joint production engineering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)or unmanned aircraft that need for border surveillance. If successful, the UAVproducts will be marketed to south east asia region which Indonesia is aproduction and marketing base in the region.

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