France Attack helicopter for Phillipine Air Force

Potential for conflict in the south china sea lately more prominent. Philippines, as one of the countries involved in the territorial sea claims Spratly also feel a situation that threatens their interests.Unfortunately, the Philippines armed forces in recent years experienced a decline in terms of defense equipment or technology. This situation puts the Philippines in unfavorable circumstances.It is recognized by the top brass of the armed forces so that the Filipino last few months the Philippines armed forces actively trying to get the latest devices including the defense in this case the helicopter gunships.A recent development is the Philippines will purchase attack helicopters from the French. As submitted by the Philippines Air Force officials, Jendarl Dela Cruz. Philippine Air Force (PAF) Commanding General Lt. Gen. Lauro Catalino dela Cruz during his visit to Cebu to announce that the PAF will acquire new defense equipment external to upgrade their skills. De la Cruz told the good news in a media interview at the base, Brigadier General Benito Ebuen Air in Lapu-Lapu City last Friday as a general authority to make the round trip as part of this highlights is commemorating the 65th founding anniversary next month of PAF. 

PAF recommends the P75-billion budget for additional aircraft to carry out the modernization program, which is spread over five years. Dela Cruz said they have been submitted to Malacanang a list of necessary equipment and appliances that need to be purchased first thing they want to get the air defense radar. "We will acquire weapons systems and other equipment needed by the PAF," said Dela Cruz. Currently, PAF received four new helicopters to be used during search and rescue operations and four additional helicopters will be delivered in November.To date, the purchase was approved based on recommendations, including 10 new attack helicopters from France, 21 additional helicopter UH-1H utility to increase the utility of existing aircraft, airlift three fixed-wing media, and 18 trainer aircraft. Most likely type of attack helicopters purchased is Fennec. These helicopters are equipped with air misile to the mainland. And it is suitable to COS function.In addition, Dela Cruz also recommend purchasing Nomads N-24 aircraft and two light lift aircraft to replace the Fokker F-27 there.Aircraft manufacturing plant from Indonesia, PT.DI participate actively offer to the Filipino C295 transport planes to fill the need for light. However, until now there is no konfirmas the philippines air force will buy C295 from Indonesia. When the philippines buy C295 aircraft from Indonesia, then this is not surprising news for Indonesia and the Philippines have a good relationship. And the purchase will further enhance the relationship Indonesia - philippines In his message, PAF chief of air force personnel encouraged to strengthen their forces and capabilities in protecting the country and create more programs to enhance professionalism and improve the welfare of soldiers.

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