Brunei Navy will donate two fast patrol Ship

Brunei navy will donate two patrol ship (KD Pejuang and KDB Waspada) to Indonesian navy .But now its two ship is still in active so the handover maybe in april 2011. Two patrol ship equipped with anti ship missile and can play role as limited litoral combatant. The complete story is below:

Indonesian PINDAD Panser will equipped with CSE-90 cannon

At the International Defence Exhibition of Abu Dhabi, the Belgian Company CMI Defence presents its complete full scale Cockerill CT-CV Weapon System (advanced 105 mm) and its new Gun Launched Anti-Tank Guided Missile, The Falarick 105.

Through this state-of-the-art turret , CMI Defence will demonstrate to visitors its innovative approach to their high level of embedded technologies, these weapon systems not only supply the ultimate firepower for light and medium weight armoured vehicles, but also meet constantly changing operational needs thanks to their versatile and permanently evolutive qualities.

Thanks to its experience in quality weapon system design and manufacture CMI Defence increases its international reputation through the signing of two new international contracts. By 2013, CMI Defence will deliver 22 new CSE90 systems to Indonesia and 84 new LCTS90 to Saudi Arabia.

Between 2000 and 2003, CMI Defence already delivered 144 LCTS90 weapon systems to Saudi Arabia which are currently being modernized. Saudia Arabia keeps its trust in CMI Defence products through the acquisition of 84 LCTS90 weapon systems that are to be installed on General Dynamics Land Systems Canada (GDLS-C)’s Piranha vehicle.

Regarding the contract with Malaysia, the CSE90 weapon system will be installed on Doosan’s 6x6 Tarantula (also named Black Fox) built by South Korean company Daewoo International.

The performances of the CMI Defence Weapons systems have been further enhanced by incorporating sub-systems of the latest generation including electro-mechanical drives and modern day/night sight with laser range finder and ballistic computer. Its single stage muzzle brake allows the firing of APFSDS-T ammunition. Secondary armament includes coaxial and pintle-mounted 7.62 mm machine gun and grenade launchers.

All the conception and manufacturing is taking place in CMI Defence’s new facilities in Loncin (Belgium) while integration of the turrets on the Tarantula vehicles will take place in South Korea. First deliveries are expected for 2013.

Malaysia prochure paveway smart bomb

Lockheed Martin Corp., Archbald, Pa., is being awarded a $21,867,788 modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract (N00019-10-C-0092) to exercise an option for the procurement of 7,665 enhanced laser guided training round Paveway II units for the Navy (7,217) and the governments of Pakistan (300), Spain (88), and Malaysia (60).

In addition, this modification provides for the procurement of 589 wooden containers for the U.S. Navy (500) and the governments of Pakistan (74) and Malaysia (15); 23 replacement-in-kind wooden containers for the the governments of Pakistan (one) and Spain (22); associated data; and non-recurring engineering efforts.

Work will be performed in Archbald, Pa., and is expected to be completed in June 2013. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.

This contract combines purchases for the U.S. Navy ($20,573,292; 94 percent) and the governments of Pakistan ($866,850; 4 percent); Spain ($254,276; 1.2 percent); and Malaysia ($173,370; 0.8 percent) under the Foreign Military Sales Program. The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Md., is the contracting activity.

Malaysia will build indigenous stealth ship

16 Feb. 2011
Latest news from Malaysia's defense minister, Dr. Zahid Hamidi, Malaysia plans tobuild its own LCS. Articles used are for RM 6 Billion for 6 ships. The plan of this vessel will be made by Boustead. LCS ship design based on the stealth ship Gowind class from DCNS. This plan raises polemical in their country. This polemiccaused by the assumption that the budget price is too expensive, that is RM 1 billion for each ship. Indeed, the price issue is something that is debatable. The opposition(the majority of ethnic Chinese) highlights the possibility of corruption in this procurement. Another problem is the problem of malaysia human resource malaysia, because there so many records that show the incompetence of resources malaysia(ethnic Malay). As known previously malaysia has a similar project with a lower levelof technology , in initial plan there are 27 vessels patrol project NGPV (meko 100 class OPV) will build, the project is experiencing very long delays and swelling the budget so that the number of ships which was originally reduced to 27 vessels a few pieces only. Very fortunate that Malaysia is a very rich country, which comes from petroleum.
So although human resources malaysia (ethnic Malay) very bad, but by relying on thewealth I had very sure if Malaysia can complete the program SGPV. They can buy thebest equipment and pay the best people to do their jobs

Thailand F.16 Collide

Rececnly published, two Thailand F.16 collide in the air during Cobra Gold joint exercise. Cobra Gold is joint exercise between Thailand and US Air Force. There is no report about both pilot condition.

Indonesia will build light attack chopter

JAKARTA, Feb. 10 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia's plane company PT Dirgantara Indonesia will develop a light attack helicopter and military cooperation with South Korea, a top executive said here on Thursday.

"We are in cooperation with the Indonesian Army to develop a light attack helicopter that could be used to confront separatist and smugglers," said Budi Santoso, president director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia in a parliamentary hearing. He said that characteristic of the helicopter is different from MI35 that is designed for opened battle in which noise is not important. "The most important element of the light attack helicopter is its low noise while flying. We don't need helicopters like MI35 that its noise could be heard from a distance of 10 kilometers," Santoso said.

He also said that the Defense Ministry and its South Korean counterpart are developing a program named the Korean Fighter Program (KFP). "This is our opportunity to upgrade our skill and to grow new expertise, mainly in engineering," he said.

According to Santoso, general lifetime of a plane is about 20- 30 years.

"However, during the lifetime, we need maybe twice or three times of upgrade on weaponry and avionic system. If we have the expertise, we could upgrade it according to our needs," he said.

source :Xinhua

Royal Malaysian Navy : RM 6 billion allocated for build six NGPV

LUMUT, (Bernama) -- The government has agreed to allocate RM6 billion to build six second generation patrol vessels for the Royal Malaysian Navy, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Saturday.

The construction of the ships will boost the economy while benefiting 632 vendor companies, he told reporters here after a briefing on the project.

"Thus, we will ensure that at least RM2 billion of the allocation will benefit these vendor companies which are strategic partners of Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd," he added.

Ahmad Zahid said that he would himself monitor the progress of the project, due to start next year, and ensure that all concerned benefit from it and that there was no delay in paying the vendors.

He said that Boustead Naval Shipyard had constructed several new generation vessels for the RMN and shown itself to be on par with other ship builders in the world.

Ahmad Zahid also said the Lumut-Bagan Datoh coastal area here has been identified for a world-class shipyard to be developed over the next 10 to 20 years.

He said the defence industry, including shipping, had immense potential in the Asean region and now generated income of US$25 billion a year.

If Malaysia could attract at least 20 per cent of the defence spending, US$5 billion or RM15 billion could be generated by companies in the country, he said.

Ahmad Zahid the government was now trying to attract more defence industry-based projects, including ship building, to the country.


Latest boundary skirmish cambodia thailand

immage surce :
Latest boundary skirmish cambodia thailand
Two soldier died when cambodia and thailand incolved in latest fire exchange. The fire exchange already happened around hindu temple, Preah Vihear.

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thai and Cambodian soldiers exchanged fire on a disputed stretch of their border on Sunday, witnesses said, the third flare-up in three days in an ancient feud over territory surrounding a 900-year-old Hindu temple.

The latest fighting occurred despite Thailand's announcement of a cease-fire on Saturday following clashes in the area that killed at least five people on Friday and Saturday.

A witness said about 20 rounds were heard going off in the vicinity of a 4.6-sq-km (two-sq-mile) disputed area around the 11-century Preah Vihear temple, a jungle-clad escarpment claimed by both countries.

ASuW capability in south east country

Indonesian navy wil conduct yakhont test firing

Finally, Indonesian navies will conduct missile tests yakhont. The trial is planned to be conducted in February this year (2011). Some sources from the navy claimed that a number of ship-class frigate Van Speijk they already are equipped with yakhont missiles, harpoon missiles to replace the out-of-life.
If the trial is successful, it will show that there is an increase in domestic defense industry capabilities, although only the ability of Russian weapons systems integration with the system installed on the frigates SEWACO van speijk .
From the point of military capability, the success this trial also showed increased military capabilities of the navy. Although we can not ascertain whether the Indonesian navy missile capability able to fully exploit this yakhont.
As we know yakhont missiles have max. range as far as 300 km, this means that to maximize the ability yakhont, Navy need ability to provide over the horizon guidance system , and we know the Navy does not have this capability.
But if the trial successfully conducted by for a considerable distance (more than 200 km), it means that the Navy was at least able to take advantage yakont at its maximum parameters.

State navies in southeast asia as it is known today also operates the anti-ship missiles, Malaysia has a Atomat missile, and Excocet, Thailand has a harpoon and C802, Singapore has a last block harpoon . Seeing this, the existence of yakhont in TN AL is not a big threat to them and from my opinion, Malaysia that is very provocative and aggressive towards Indonesia does not need to worry on this yakhonn missiles.