Indonesia plant to build Cn 295, to buy Apache attack Helichopter

Jakata , 27 October 2011

dear all hands

After so many years without worthfull military procurement, now indonesia revail new military procurement. In next years, indonesia air force will be equipped with one squadron air lifter. The air lifter will consist of nine to ten C295 air plane. C295 will build by PT. DI ( Indonesia Aerospace company) under Air bus license. C 295 is medium air lifter that capable lift load until 6 ton and cruise range at 2000 km. Indonesia defense minister also show their interest to build AWAC based on c295
In the other hands, Indonesia also show his interest to buy apache attach helicopter from USA.
My be its not big buy for another south east asean country such of malaysia or singapore. Because these country has adequate military power to counter indonesian military power. Now day indonesia amy also equipped with ' multi role' chopter from russia, Mi 35.

Indonesia Will buy Leopard MBT from Germany

It is very interestingly if Indonesia will buy Leopard 2 MBT from germany. We all know indonesian army has desire to operate MBT, because until now Indonesian army just only operate light tank such scorpion and amx.

But for itis still surprisingly if indonesia buy leopard 2A MBT, rumours out there say that Indonesia will get their MBT from south korea (K2A1 MBT) and South Korea will help Indonesian defense industry to build their tracked military vehicle.

These MBT will be deploy in Kalimantan ,specially in Kalimantan barat Province. This Province has land border with malaysia. I think this MBT procurement is part of Indonesia strategy to counter or may be to make offensive move toward malaysia. We must know that in 2012, indonesian army also will place their COIN aircraft (Super Tucano) also in kalimantan.

Now days, beside their plan to acquire super tucano, indonesian army also operate multi role Helicopter that can be projected to conduct anti MBT walfare.

Malaysia reduce military budget 2012

Malaysian goverment spending plan put RM13.714 billion for defence, a reduction of some RM100 million compared to the RM13.823 billion which was spent in 2011.

Its not firt time malaysian goverment reduce their defense budget, in 2009 malaysia slash its defense budget at almost 50% , likely this slashing because economic down turn hampered malaysia.

This news ( from KLS ) report this budget slashing

KLS:In order to implement "people centric" policy, Malaysia's government slashed defense Development Budget 2009 to 2.3 billion Ringgit, a decrease of 49.8 percent compared to the same period last year.

According to the Budget 2009 released by Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Defense gets 13.2 billion Ringgit budget in which the Operating Budget is 10.6 billion Ringgit, an increase of 8.2 percent compared to the same period last year. However, the Development Budget not only 49.8 percent less than last year, but also almost 40% less than in previous years.

After the Development Budget was slashed drastically, its overall budget decreased 1.5 billion Ringgit or 10.47 percent. This move, however, is in line with the open speeches which made by high-ranking officials of Ministry of Defense previously that defense budget would be cut by 10%.

Defense budget accounts for 6.6 percent of the total budget in which Ministry of Defense is the fourth largest financed ministry that after the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Health accordingly. This tremendous decision is in line with the government's "people centric" policy, that social and economic projects will be given priority.

The Budget 2009 says 10.6 billion Ringgit of Operating Budget will be used in most of the payment of salaries and the rest used in the procurement of uniforms, bullet and ammunition, spare parts, maintenance payments for aircraft, vessels, facilities and equipment.

Most of the Operation Budget will be used in the maintenance of the equipment in which an increase from last year's RM 440,056,800 to RM 891,685,500; followed by service and supply (from RM 5,195,989,400 to RM 5,440,132,200); its third, payment for emolument (from RM 4,134,536,100 to RM 4,247,222,600) respectively.

It is noteworthy that, ratio of Operation and Development budget reaches its peak of imbalance, 2005 is 1.9:1; 2006 is 2.1:1; 2007 is 2.3:1; 2008 is 2.1:1, and 2009 reaches to a serious imbalance 4.5:1!

Meanwhile, the Budget 2009 will eliminate 844 military posts that the total number of civilian and military posts in MINDEF, will drop from 2008's 170,739 people to 169,895 people. The most affected programs are Malaysian contingencies which stationed in overseas to support United Nations' peacekeeping operations.

As for the Development Budget, Navy faces the greatest impact in which its budget for arms procurement decreased significantly from RM 811.12 million to RM 100,000, followed by Army from RM 1,303.87 million fell to RM 136.1 million.

However, Air Force is not affected, in contrast having an increase from RM 1.482 billion to RM 1.613 billion, which believes large amount is to be used to cover the cost of procurement of 18 SU-30MKMs and 12 new type of utility helicopters.

Obviously, there will be no large-scale military procurement projects in 2009, except the authority may launch some programs that without using "real money".

In addition, Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency, which is paramilitary forces, gets RM 651 million for Development Budget, while its Operating Budget is RM 314.9 million, that total amount of budget is RM 965.9 million. Compared to last year its expenditure RM 188.64 million, it is nearly 5 times increment.

Editor's note: All information obtained from the Budget 2009; The Exchange rate between USD and Ringgit on October 21, is 1 USD to 3.5255 Ringgit.