Pakistan Navy receiver fast missile boat from china

Dear all hands
 Not for long time ago, pakistan navy receiver brand new fast missile boat from china. This boat has 64 m in long and equipped with C802 anti ship missile , also from chinesse.  This fast missile boat is part of three fast missile boat that pakistan ordered from china. First and second fast missile boat is build in china shipyard ant the  last fast missile boat is build in karachi ,pakistan.

This fast missile boat is show the increase of pakistan and chinese relationship specially in defence cooperation.

Malaysia military procurement list for 2012 and 2013

Dear all hands

Is very interesting for us to see south east asia military procurement for few next year.   The main trigger of this procurement is spratly conflict. As we we know, there are overlapping claim or maritime dispute in spratly water between numerous asia country and malaysia  , china, philipine and vietname is one of these country.

China claim almost whole of south china sea. And china opposed  logically claim from another asia country.
This situation triggering military hardware shopping in south east asia country include malaysia. As we now, to enhance  navy power, malaysia buy two submarine from France. But obviously, this submarine procurement isn't adequate so malaysia navy tends to add their combatant ship. Gowind class corvette is in their procurement list for 2012 and another coming year.

Malaysia navy also has plan to buy brand new LPD, maybe from South Korea. This buying will increase malaysian navy maritime operation. AWACS plane also in their procurement list. I don't know what type AWACS plane will be bought, but erieye from sweden is locally choice.