Sukhoi Pak-Fa vs. F-22 Raptor: Who is better ?

[1] Stealthy Parameters
Radar Cross Sections cited (X-band):
F-22A Front Aspect = 0.0001 m2, Side and Rear Aspect = 0.01 – 0.001 m2 (0.005 used in this analysis);
F-35A Front Aspect = 0.001 m2, Side and Rear Aspect = 0.01 m2;
PAK-FA All Aspect = 0.01 m2;
Su-35-1 Front Aspect= 2 m2.

So we can conclude that F-22 better in stealthy parameter, but we must underline that the stealthy gap between Pak-fa and F-22 is become narowwer , and will lost the significantce in fews years become.

[2] Thermal Sensor Paremeter

Pak-Fa will be equipped with latest IRST that Russian has.
In terms of thermal sensor Fak-fa has an advantages compared with the F-22. F-22 even now is not equipped with heat sensors. With their IRST latest technology, Pak -Fa can detect F-22 in the distance 70 km, even Pak-fa can detect Amram 120 firing in such of distance.

As like Pak-fa, i think F-22 designer will include IRST as upgrade package in tomorow years. And in term sensor and computation technology we must accept that US is the master.

[3] Radar parameter Radar Range Figures used are:
F-22A APG-77 = published figures (AW&ST - pessimistic);
F-35A APG-81 = published figures (AW&ST - pessimistic);
PAK-FA IRBIS-E N035 Best Case published figures (Tikhomirov NIIP);
Su-35-1 IRBIS-E N035 Worst Case published figures (Tikhomirov NIIP)

Irbis-E can detect and track up to 30 airborne targets at one time at ranges near 400 kilometers, and attack up to 12. In air-to-surface mode the Irbis-E provides mapping allowing to attack a surface target with precision-guided weapons while scanning the horizon searching for airborne threats that can be engaged using active radar homing missiles.

Tikhomirov NIIP has provided the ability to spot super-low observable targets with RCS equal to 0.01 square meters at ranges out to 90 kilometers.

[Price Parameter]
Pak-fa price is about one-third of the price of F-22. F-22 almost imposible to lower its price.

Final Conclussion

In stealthy and radar parameter F-22 still better than PAk-fa, but this advantageous will fadded in tomorrow years. In optical parameter Pak-fa better than F-22, but as radar parameter, this advantageous also fadded away in tomorow years. In kinematic parameter F-22 and Pak-fa is comparable. And in price parameter, definitifly, F-22 cannot win this parameter , and price parameter become the most advantageus of pak-fa than F-22.


  1. Interesting. I would give the edge to Pak-fa on price (two for the price of one), if they could be piloted by well-trained pilots

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