Qiam 1: Latest Iran missile launched

In recent days Iran will conduct launching test for their most sofisticasted missile, Qiam 1
Baku – APA. Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi says the military has successfully test fired a new surface-to-surface missile, APA reports quoting “The Voice of America”.

Iran’s Press TV quotes Vahidi as saying the Qiam-1 missile has what he called a "smart navigation system" that decreases the chances of it being intercepted. He also said the missile can hit targets with high precision.

Vahidi commented during Friday prayers in Tehran. He did not say where the test was carried out or reveal the missile’s precise range.

Local TV reports showed a missile lifting into the air from what appeared to be a desert location.

Word of the test came a day before Iran was expected to launch its Bushehr nuclear power plant, using fuel delivered by Russia.

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