Jakarta, Kompas - Three Russian-made Sukhoi planes are planned to come 5
September 2010. The third plane was completing a seven similar aircraft
has owned the Indonesian National Army Air Force.

"Three Sukhoi will come this September. Already have a team
pick up over there, "said Army Chief of Staff Air Force (Air Force Chief) Marshal
Imam Sufaat, Tuesday (31 / 8). Two aircraft will come on Sept. 5 and
one aircraft will come on Sept. 15. These new planes
plan will be performing at the TNI anniversary date of October 5.

"So, we already have 10 Sukhoi and plans to add six more.
The President had already approved, "said Imam. Owned Sukhoi aircraft
Indonesia first came in 2004. Currently aircraft
incorporated in the 11th Squadron based at Hasanuddin Air Field,
Makassar. Three Sukhoi who come will be accompanied by Antonov planes.

Priest admits, three planes were not equipped with weaponry.
According to him, purchase the package with the purchase of different aircraft
weaponry. "But we will definitely armed," he said.

Currently the Air Force R & D has managed to make bombs to arm
Sukhoi. In addition, it also has made rocket. However, for completeness
missiles can not be made. During this missile manufacture
aka seekers hindered technological mastery tracker. According to Imam,
with sophisticated technology capable Sukhoi shoot outside
range of visual and radar lock-on, the bullet that could accommodate
that technology can not be made by Indonesia.

Sukhoi related to communication systems, the Imam said, three planes
the future has been adjusted to the prevailing system
TNI AU. Several years ago, the difference in this communication system could
technical problems.

Currently two Air Force pilots were sent to study in Russia for
Sukhoi introduction. Some Russian technicians will come to Indonesia
to assist the Air Force. (EDN)

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