Indonesia launching their first missile patrol boat (PKR)

August 17, 2010, Jakarta - Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro me
launching the construction of warships combat type missile Destroyer Watchtower (PKR)
which is a combat warship tpertama and the largest to be made
in Indonesia, Monday (16 / 8) at the Defense Ministry offices in Jakarta.
Making PKR warships will be done by PT. PAL as
domestic defense industry cooperation with other countries, as
winner of the tender.
PKR is Launching a war ship building with the theme "Child Dedication
Nation To Bumi Persada Indonesia "is, marked by the opening
Mock Up symbolically sheath combat warships PKR by the Minister of Defence.
Attending the ceremony were the Commander of TNI Djoko Santoso, TNI Laksama Kasal
Agus Suhartono, Lieutenant General Sjafri Sjamsoeddin deputy defense minister, secretary general Kemhan
TNI Mardya Haryyanto Eris, S. IP, M.A. and Managing Director of PT. PAL Harsusanto and
some officials in the ranks Kemhan, TNI and Mabesal.
In addition, officials also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Industry,
Ministry of Research and Technology, Ministry of Enterprise, Bappenas and the House Commission I members
RI as well as representatives from Damen in Indonesia.
Defence in his speech said, after a journey that
long enough, eventually launching Kemhan able to ship building
PKR war which is the largest combat warships and the first
will be built in Indonesia, namely PT. PAL.
According to Minister of Defense, launched the construction of warships is extremely PKR
important, considering this is one of the priorities in line with
development in the government of Indonesia to the second Cabinet of building
defense industry in the city. The significance of the construction industry
is the best defense in the country and as far as possible in order
Military defense equipment be built in the country.
"Launching this PKR warship construction becomes very moment
important, because after the Indonesian monetary crisis in
1998, then we try to rebuild the defense industry
in the country, "added Minister of Defence.
Defense says, the construction of warships would be the point of this PKR
initial rise of the domestic defense industry, particularly ship industry
war, and further expected to continue to build ships
This kind of next to Indonesia in the future will have
a strong navy.
Defense further explained, in addition used for the task - the task
fighters, warships PKR is also required to provide a deterrent
effect or effects of fear against anyone who would try to interfere with
Homeland sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Minister of Defense added that warships of this PKR can also be used in peace
keeping mission or peacekeeping missions. In a peace mission,
Indonesia has not only sent troops from the Army, but has also
sending naval warships in a mission in Lebanon.
At that time, with a Sigma Class was quite successful and is recognized by
NATO warships the Navy that meets the standards of ship - ship
NATO war. With the presence of PKR warships, according to Defense
Indonesia is expected to be placed on more class
high and honorable in the world in the International arena.
In addition, with the construction of warships that will be created PKR PT. PAL,
also proves that the government in this regard and Armed Kemhan
committed in realizing the welfare pro-defense policy.
Through the development of CRF in PT.PAL warship, the defense industry
and other domestic support will grow that will ultimately
encourage the growth of national economy through employment.
Defense says, although in the first PKR warship construction
There are still some deficiencies that must be continually enhanced, but this
This represents a major step of the journey for the defense industry
domestically. "While elsewhere the construction of warships PKR
This is already done, but this proves that some time
Indonesia will be able to perform and maintain a strong and deep-sea
Homeland sovereignty and territorial integrity, "added Minister of Defence.
Ending his speech, Defense Minister expressed his pride and gratitude
to all parties, both the Armed Forces Commander, Kasal and a team led by
Kemhan secretary general who had worked hard for many - years in
preparing and realizing the construction of warships PKR. Coincide
Independence anniversary to the 65th, this is a form of sacrifice
of the children of the nation in the defense sector, all levels of Kemhan and TNI.
Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Army Eris Kemhan Mardya Haryyanto, S. IP, MA time
read the narrative construction of warships PKR says, in
realize the noble ideals and a dedication to the nation of Indonesia,
Kemhan with all stake holders are determined to realize the construction of ships
war fighter type PKR is the largest to be built in industry
domestic defense. It is also as an appreciation of the industry
defense in order to meet the needs Alutsista contribute.
Kemhan Secretary-General further explained that the design of this ship has PKR
consider the fulfillment of operational requirements including
development of the strategic environment, military and construction concepts tridimensional
Alutsista independence programs through transfer of Knolage (Tok) and
Transfer of Technology (TOT).
Meanwhile in a predetermined design criteria include
able to be operated until the outer limit of the exclusive economic zone,
have the fire power and is able to generate reliable penangkalan impact,
have the latest technology and integrated Senkomlek and can diup-
grade in accordance with technological developments and able to perform the task -
SAR duties.
Kemhan secretary general added that the target is expected to be achieved
PT. PAL as a strategic industry self-defense may be able to
designing and producing ships of PKR, frigate and ships on the water
Kemhan secretary general said the construction of this ship is devoted PKR
children of the nation to Bumi Persada Indonesia in welcoming Birthdays
Years to 65 Years Independence in 2010 that are expected to increase
bargaining power and competitiveness of the Indonesian nation.
PKR warship building process
PKR warship development was preceded by a submission of one
fruit types of PKR by a warship to the Navy and subsequently Kemhan
processed through the existing mechanisms in procurement Alutsista TNI.
Making these warships carried out by PT. PAL as an industry
defense in the country who will cooperate with other countries, as
the winning bidder as part of technology transfer. Based on
PT calculations. PAL is based in Surabaya for shipbuilding
PKR is the first war that takes about four years.
Previously Kemhan has also established the Dutch state of three countries
Other European proposals to co-workers, namely the Netherlands, Italy
and Russia. In the assessment of warship construction program PKR
conditions, the Kemhan and the Navy have been require to winners
tender, in terms of development of the first warships carried PKR
fully in PT. PAL by maximizing local content (the portion PT.PAL). Right
design patents from PKR warships armed with various
missile types into common property Kemhan and winner of the tender.
In addition, Kemhan and PT. PAL has the right to sell the same boat
ASEAN countries and Asia, and if the winner of the tender vessel builder
PKR war to sell the same boat, PT. PAL has the right to download the supply
engine room and accommodation section section in the framework of 'co-
production '.
Some other things that support the war shipbuilding program PKR
, ie type PKR warship warship built at the division,
where management & project organization including engineering,
procurement, construction and finance are managed separately from
PT.PAL corporate events.
PKR warship building process was also based on the existence of a
full commitment from management, employees of PT. PAL and its stake
holder. Besides, it needs also an investment commitment
clear from the partners to increase capacity and production facilities
battleship division.
A special selection of every human resources as executors
terlibatpun in warship building project is also PKR
must match the required competence.
Specifications warships PKR
PKR types of warships that will be created in Indonesia by PT. PAL
designed can be used in several missions such operations
electronic warfare, anti-air warfare, anti-ship warfare
submarines, surface warfare and anti-ship gunfire support ship. In
Moreover PKR warship is equipped with a SAM missile, SSM
and anti-submarine missiles.
Specifications of PKR warships, among others have long
Overall ± 105 meters, width of ± 14 meters, a depth of ± 8.8 meters,
speed (max / cruiser / econ) ± kn 30/18/14 with engine power
main ± 4 x 9240 hp.
The ships are equipped with radar equipment to detect
submarines and aircraft, including armament equipment
76 caliber cannon up to 100 mm and caliber 20 to 30 mm, launcher
to-air missile and torpedo weapons and other support equipment.
This ship is also equipped with a helipad facility in the ship deck.

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