Indonesia increase their navy punch capability

Surabaya, Tempo News

PT PAL Indonesia, which have integrated combat system installation contract
including pairs of sophisticated missiles, has been completed on 32 of KRI
contract until the end of this year as many as 56 KRI of various types.

KSAL Admiral Agus Suhartono joint Managing Director of PT PAL Adiek Yulianto
submit it on the way home from Ambon to
Surabaya Wednesday, August 4, 2010, after attending the 2010 Sail Banda.

According KRI KSAL of 32 missiles already installed is six KRI
Ahmad Yani types of Class frigate and 14 of the type of corvette KRI Parchim
Class is installed the latest missile from Russia that is Yakhont. Yakhont missile
capable of firing up to a distance of 300 km and has been tested as much as 2
times in the Java Sea last June. For each type of frigate
KRI installed eight units mounted missile corvettes, while four types of units for
each KRI.

While KRI of this type of fast patrol has completed the installation of
C802 missile made in China to 12 from target 30 KRI KRI Quick Ship
Missiles. Each KRI installed two C802 units. C802 missiles capable of taking
range up to 120 km and has been tested in joint exercises
Armed Forces in 2008.

Indonesia is preparing for the addition of 100 ships made fast missile
domestic (PT PAL and Fasharkan TNI AL), the purchase of six corvettes sigma
Netherlands, making eight national corvette by PA PAL, and the purchase of two vessels
Kilo submarine from Russia.

Currently the Navy has a fleet strength of two fighter with a defense equipment
consists of 167 KRI, 325 cal, 2 submarine and two Marine Division. Year
2013 direnccanakan one another will be established so that the fighter fleet of the Navy
has three fighter fleet with the power of the KRI 274, 630 cal, 12 Submarine
and the 3rd Marine Division. This is in accordance with current military strategic planning.

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