Vietname will receive first home build fast patrol boat, monilya

Dear all hands 
Is well known that , vietname is a subscriber  of russian defense system. Almost all vietnam defense hardware devices imported from russia, including warships.
Vietnam is known as one of the countries that have a fast ship missile , monilya. Fast ship missile  monilya  is russian build and is the successor of the previous fast boats, osa  fast boat classes and  komar fast boat class.
In the exhibition LIma 2013 in malaysia, Vympel Shipyard Director General, Mr Oleg Belkov revealed that the first of six high-speed missile boats Molniya (Lightning) under Project 1241.8 is being built in Vietnam under a Russian license, and will be delivered to customers in end of 2013.
She will soon undergo a series of tests. And is expected by the end of the year, the ship will be delivered to the Navy in Vietnam, contributing to strengthen the struggle for the entire fleet.
Monilya ship to vietnam equipped with gas turbine engines. Gas turbo engine for monilya made ​​by Zoria Mashproekt, a company of ukraine. As for the avionics system, imported from Vympel, Russia.

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