Myanmar defense budget 2013

Dear all hands,

Recently myanmar parliament has to approve the budget for the purposes of the defense of U.S. $ 1.15. The defense budget for the year 2013/2014. More than half of the budget is in the amount of $ 600 million to be spent on equipment.

In a vote with the House of Lords and House of Commons in Naypyidaw, 445 MPs voted in favor of the proposed military budget, a budget reduction of 60 as a member of parliament and 7 abstentions.

Although the fund of $ 1.15 billion, a decrease when compared with last year's defense budget (2012/2013), the defense budget is 20% of the total spending. This puts Myanmar as one of the Southeast Asian country with a percentage of the defense budget yangterbesar, compared with other countries such as Indonesia which is by 2.1%.
With that much money, myanmar likely will buy fighter jets from russia like Mig29. Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country with abundant natural resources.

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