Malaysia interest in attack chopter

Dear all hands
After facing trouble in lahad datu, sabah , Malaysia  show its interest in attack chopter. As all know, we can say that malaysia lack on plane or chopter that support coin rule. Maybe this drawback root on malaysia defence strategy that focus on threat from another country , not guirellia war. So malaysia always try to on top or not least in same level with singapore military power.  But after infiltration from sulu sultanate army, malaysia defense decision maker maybe feel the needy  of attack chopter.

Malaysia choice for attack chopter
Some east asian country operated attack chopter. Thailand and singapore operate apache, indonesia army operate Mi35 and show his interest on apache. Unlike its neighbour, Malaysia maybe will chose attack chopter from west europe country, the choice is tiger attack chopter from france, but may be malaysian army will choose attack chopter from south africa, rooivalk.

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