Malaysia will buy 18 Jet Fighter and Interest in PakFa

Dear all hands
 Aircraft exhibition in langkawi malaysia is over, but not recorded significant aircraft purchases . Contracts made ​​by Malaysia  just in the form of a maintenance contract of $ 100 million with the company Sukhoi.
But despite that, malaysia publicly revealed plans to buy 18 new fighter aircraft, fighter aircraft will replace the MiG 29 that  will be mothballed. Candidate replacement aircraft is:
a. Su 30
b. Rafale
c. Typhon
d. Gripen
f. f 18 Hornet

Some analysts believe that the strongest candidate is the Rafale,  Because rafale manufacturer offers the assembly process is done in malaysia.
However, recent developments indicate that Malaysia is also interested PakFA. As an news on an internet site, RMAF consider purchasing pakfa . We do not know if this is a purchase is replacement aircraft for MiG 29 or not. Lets wait and see

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