Sukhoi sent last su 27skm order to indonesia air forcr

In september 2010, sukhoi complted it order from indonesian air force, it is make indonesia air force has 10 unit sukhoi, consitesd of SU 30 and su 27 type. Some source in jakarta, said that indonesia has plan to get more sukhois in future year, at least 2 squadron su 27. If this plan become reality, it will be make indonesia air force as main su operator in south east asia. But even with more su squadron (unless more than 120 unit su) indonesaia air force its not in comparable condition if we compare it with aussie or singapore ar force. Until now Aussie and singapore is the stronggest air force in south east asia hemisphere
but good luck forTNI AU, with their very new expensive toy...

below is the full story..(source :
TEMPO Interactive, Makassar - Antonov 124-100 aircraft had just landed
at Sultan Hasanuddin Air Base at around 20:10 pm. Plane
Russia's Sukhoi aircraft carries one unit of the type SU-27 SKM
Additional ordered by the government of Indonesia.

The arrival of this aircraft Sukhoi complete nine units already
first arrived in Makassar. On Friday, two aircraft
Sukhoi newly purchased government through the ministries of defense and
security also arrived at Sultan Hasanuddin Air Base.

The two aircraft that arrived Friday is already finished assembled,
Wednesday (15 / 9). The second flight test aircraft will be performed on
September 18 to 19.

In addition to one unit of Sukhoi, Antonov aircraft also mengankut three
replacement warranty team who was killed several days ago. Until now
The third identity is unknown technician. Party Airbase
Sultan Hasanuddin has not provided a description of the three technicians
replacement, and one unit of additional pessawat it. Antonov crew
still busy lowering the light combat aircraft equipment.

To complete the assembly of aircraft, has attended several teams from Russia.
They are assembling a team 12 people, 1 person the specialist of water
craft, 1 of the specialist of JPC Sukhoi, 9 of the specialist
enterpice sub-contractor, and 3 of the representatives of state
rostechnologi corporation.

Antonov plane was scheduled to return to Russia, tomorrow around
at 15.00 pm. At the same time the plane was going to bring home third
Sukhoi body technician who was killed after drinking.


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