Philippine hostage release operation tragedy

Hostage release operation is not an easy operation. Especially if perpetrator is numerous, armed and trained enough. Conditions will deteriorate if the hostage-taking occurred in the aircraft or other transportation such as buses that occurred in Manila, Philippines in August 2010. In this case the perpetrator, a former police armed with M 16 hostages tourist bus with 20 passengers inside. In this case the perpetrator only one with an assault rifle weapons Unfortunately the process of freeing the hostages taken by bus into the raid resulted in tragedy. Eight hostages were killed. Last investigation the cause of death of the hostage not only by the perpetrator but also by the invading army rifle. This proves that the attack carried out by teams who do not have qualified for the task of liberation of hostages. This also proves the Philippines does not have teams or troops who have that quality. It was only a few countries which has a reputation glorious liberation of hostages in the operation. Several countries including Israel, Germany and Indonesia.
In the case of Indonesia, a team was formed for the liberation of hostages troops at the airport dong Muang, Thailand.Perpetrators of 5 armed assault rifles and grenades. In this operation team successfully freed all hostages safely although one team member shot and killed.
Before the liberation operations, the liberator of the team was doing a brief training by wearing the same plane was hijacked, DC 9. This is to improve the team's ability to master the field.
It seemed to not run properly by the Philippines, as evidenced when they broke the window and meleparkan smoke grenades, they were puzzled to get into the bus. This causes the perpetrator immediately opened fire on hostages.

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