J10, IDF Cing KUO, F 16 A/B, SU 30 and Mirage 2000 Comparation according Taiwan Military Dept

Now day, China has better fighter than Taiwan, this statement come from simulation performed by Taiwan Military Department.The source told the Chinese-language Liberty Times’ (the Taipei Times’ sister newspaper) that when facing China’s Su-27s, Su-30s and J-10 fighters, Taiwan’s F-16A/Bs had a slight advantage, while the IDFs and Mirage were inferior. The computer evaluation showed that Su-30s are the best jets in China’s air force. While an F16A/B can match an Su-30, an Su-30 has 1.7 times the capability of the IDF and 2.8 times that of the Mirage 2000.
A J-10, meanwhile, has 0.88 times the capability of an F-16A/B, but 1.36 times that of a Mirage and 1.52 times that of the IDF.
Or if we make shortlisted of that figure :

1 F16 = 1 Su 30
1.7 IDF = 1 SU 30
2.8 Mirage 200 = 1 Su 30
0.88 F 16= 1 SU 30
1.36 Mirage 2000 = 1 J-10
1.52 IDF = 1 J 10

The military source said the main factor behind the results of the evaluation was the projected range of the air-to-air missiles the jets possess.

F-16A/Bs carry US-made AIM-20 missiles, IDFs carry domestic TK-2 missiles and Mirage 2000s carry French-made MICA missiles.

The Su-30s and Su-27s carry the Russian-made R-77 missiles while the J-10 carries Chinese-made PL-12s.

The source said that since the MICA only has a projected range of 60km — while the other four missiles have projected ranges of more than 100km — the Mirage 2000 did badly in the evaluation.

A senior fighter pilot told the Liberty Times the computer simulation was questionable because it failed to consider an aircrafts’ combat capabilities.

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