Raytheon has successful MALD-J test

TUCSON, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- Raytheon announced its partnership with the U.S. Air Force has marked a milestone following a successful test flight of a next-generation jamming technology.

U.S. company Raytheon says the Miniature Air Launched Decoy-Jammer program has completed its first free-flight test. The MALD-J technology is part of an effort to prevent Air Force units from being sent into dangerous locations by adding a radar-jamming capability to the MALD platform, a decoy missile used to suppress enemy defenses.

Officials say the milestone flight tests paves the way for a critical design review.

"Achieving this milestone proves MALD-J has a technology readiness level 7 and sets the stage for the system to enter engineering and manufacturing development," Ken Watson, U.S. Air Force MALD program manager, said in a statement.

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