Iran detterence on progres:Kavoshgar 3 Launch worried the west

Kavoshgar 3 Launch worried the west
Iran has successfully launched a rocket carrying kovoshgar cargo of mice, worms placed in a special compartment. The launch is take lace on Wednesday, 3 February 2010 ago.
The success of this launch raises fears western world, because the same vehicle can be used as carriers of nuclear warheads.

Western world has a suspicion that iran is trying to develop a nuclear bomb and its vehicle. Nevertheless the government of Iran denies Western accusations it.
Kavoshgar rocket weighs 87 tons with a range distance of 500 km. The rocket is also used to deliver the Simorgh iran satellite weighing 100 kg.
Future Iranian government will try to increase the distance range rocket reaches 700 km and 1000 km.

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