MILITARY VEHICLE :Pindad 33 hand over Panser to Indonesian

Panzer Pindad (Photo: Anga / AFP) Jakarta - PT Pindad (Persero) handed over 33 units of armored APS-2 (6x6) to the Department of Defense in meeting the needs of the primary means of weapons systems (alutsista) nationwide.

Of these 33 armored units will be delivered to the Army as many as 20 units, and the remaining 13 units will be used joined the Army in World Peacekeeping in Lebanon.

As quoted from a press release detikFinance Pindad, Wednesday (13/1/2010), delivery time is Panzers Phase III of a total of 150 units of APS-2 Panzer and Panzer reconnaissance unit 4 (4x4) ordered the Ministry of Defense.

Previously, the red plate company had submitted as many as 60 Panzer units with the same type in the 2008-2009 years ago and was distributed to the ranks of the army.

With the deposit of 33 Panzer units, the total combat vehicles that have been submitted as many as 93 units with 61 units left unresolved from the total 154 units.

Strategic defense industry capabilities in the country is expected to reduce dependence of foreign production. Panzer production of strategic state enterprises that have a maximum vehicle weight of 12 tons with a body made of monocoque, bulletproof plate thickness 8 to 10mm.

Despite weighing heavy, armored tersbeut can go 90km/jam, 10-meter radius around the 31-degree climb.

In addition, combat vehicles were also equipped with special equipment such as night vision facilities and Winch 6 tons. To have intercom communication tool set plus VHF / FM (anti-jamming and hopping) and GPS.

Panzer that serves as the transport of personnel was able mengankut 15 soldiers and eight glass-equipped reconnaissance and fire pit and equipped with two sets of tubes grenade launcher.

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