Indonesia Will buy Leopard MBT from Germany

It is very interestingly if Indonesia will buy Leopard 2 MBT from germany. We all know indonesian army has desire to operate MBT, because until now Indonesian army just only operate light tank such scorpion and amx.

But for itis still surprisingly if indonesia buy leopard 2A MBT, rumours out there say that Indonesia will get their MBT from south korea (K2A1 MBT) and South Korea will help Indonesian defense industry to build their tracked military vehicle.

These MBT will be deploy in Kalimantan ,specially in Kalimantan barat Province. This Province has land border with malaysia. I think this MBT procurement is part of Indonesia strategy to counter or may be to make offensive move toward malaysia. We must know that in 2012, indonesian army also will place their COIN aircraft (Super Tucano) also in kalimantan.

Now days, beside their plan to acquire super tucano, indonesian army also operate multi role Helicopter that can be projected to conduct anti MBT walfare.

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