Indonesia plant to build Cn 295, to buy Apache attack Helichopter

Jakata , 27 October 2011

dear all hands

After so many years without worthfull military procurement, now indonesia revail new military procurement. In next years, indonesia air force will be equipped with one squadron air lifter. The air lifter will consist of nine to ten C295 air plane. C295 will build by PT. DI ( Indonesia Aerospace company) under Air bus license. C 295 is medium air lifter that capable lift load until 6 ton and cruise range at 2000 km. Indonesia defense minister also show their interest to build AWAC based on c295
In the other hands, Indonesia also show his interest to buy apache attach helicopter from USA.
My be its not big buy for another south east asean country such of malaysia or singapore. Because these country has adequate military power to counter indonesian military power. Now day indonesia amy also equipped with ' multi role' chopter from russia, Mi 35.

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