Why Nato's air force is superior and is very successful in Libya?

Looking at developments in the civil war, Libya, in a few months (almost 4 months)NATO air forces under the command of French was very superior in libya airspace. France did not experience any disadvantage when attacking air force and groundlibya. no French planes that can be shot down by soldiers libya.While the part of Libya, several planes had been shot down.
Why NATO air force was so superior to libya?
to answer any questions that we must look at the condition of the air force libya libyaand defense systems against air attacks.Seen from the list of aircraft owned by Libya's air force is very much a fighter whoowned the French-led NATO.Libyan air force fighter aircraft of the most modern isthe French artificial mirage F.1.F.1 fighter aircraft is the third generation. French fighter aircraft maker as the countryis certainly very aware of the weaknesses and strengths Mirage F.1. While on the other hand, the French Rafale fighter aircraft use, the aircraft is arguably generation fighter 4.5. So it looks different levels of technology that is very striking between libyaair force fighter planes and fighter aircraft of NATO air force.
Libya air force fighter planes other is Mig23. The aircraft is arguably an old plane,which does not support the air war today

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