Malaysian navy Included SIGMA class as their new stealth LCS platform

Im very surprised that RMN include SIGMA class as their new stealth LCS platform. Soo far I know, SIGMA Class isnt a stealth ship and until now sigma opv only operated by two country, Indonesia and Marocco.
RMN source stated that SIGMA and Gowind cass become two strong candidate for RMN LCS program.

Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) closer to a stealth warship technology (stealth) modern when the ship class and class 10,614 Gowind Sigma shortlisted for coastal combat ship development program (LCS).

The fact is also supported by confirmation of the Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi recently that the final design of the squadron's first LCS, with emphasis on stealth technology will be ready later this month.

This means that any platform that will be selected to form the basis of assets will be answered by fighting the next month or latest by showing the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) 2011 this December.

Sigma 10 614 born Dutch technology results to show a proven modular design managed to reduce radar reflection and has the ability to integrated with any modern weapon systems today.

The integration advantages arising from the use of combat management systems Tacticos, which is recognized as among the best in the world so gladdened the hearts of some other consumer countries including Morocco and the Indonesian Navy.

It is understood, confidence and ability of the intrinsic evidenced by Sigma in the country, a strong impetus to the Navy for Sigma 10 614 shortlisted as one of the final platform for the LCS squadron programs.

However, Sigma 10 614 are different versions as far more sophisticated, the length and width than four Sigma 9113 (corvette) and two Sigma 10 514 (friget) belong to Indonesia, and even owned the Sigma Moroccan Navy itself.

Gowind is recognized as a stealth platform with the best technology ever created, the research and development (R & D) length of DCNS, the shipping company to supply the submarine.

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