Malaysia will build indigenous stealth ship

16 Feb. 2011
Latest news from Malaysia's defense minister, Dr. Zahid Hamidi, Malaysia plans tobuild its own LCS. Articles used are for RM 6 Billion for 6 ships. The plan of this vessel will be made by Boustead. LCS ship design based on the stealth ship Gowind class from DCNS. This plan raises polemical in their country. This polemiccaused by the assumption that the budget price is too expensive, that is RM 1 billion for each ship. Indeed, the price issue is something that is debatable. The opposition(the majority of ethnic Chinese) highlights the possibility of corruption in this procurement. Another problem is the problem of malaysia human resource malaysia, because there so many records that show the incompetence of resources malaysia(ethnic Malay). As known previously malaysia has a similar project with a lower levelof technology , in initial plan there are 27 vessels patrol project NGPV (meko 100 class OPV) will build, the project is experiencing very long delays and swelling the budget so that the number of ships which was originally reduced to 27 vessels a few pieces only. Very fortunate that Malaysia is a very rich country, which comes from petroleum.
So although human resources malaysia (ethnic Malay) very bad, but by relying on thewealth I had very sure if Malaysia can complete the program SGPV. They can buy thebest equipment and pay the best people to do their jobs

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