Indonesian navy wil conduct yakhont test firing

Finally, Indonesian navies will conduct missile tests yakhont. The trial is planned to be conducted in February this year (2011). Some sources from the navy claimed that a number of ship-class frigate Van Speijk they already are equipped with yakhont missiles, harpoon missiles to replace the out-of-life.
If the trial is successful, it will show that there is an increase in domestic defense industry capabilities, although only the ability of Russian weapons systems integration with the system installed on the frigates SEWACO van speijk .
From the point of military capability, the success this trial also showed increased military capabilities of the navy. Although we can not ascertain whether the Indonesian navy missile capability able to fully exploit this yakhont.
As we know yakhont missiles have max. range as far as 300 km, this means that to maximize the ability yakhont, Navy need ability to provide over the horizon guidance system , and we know the Navy does not have this capability.
But if the trial successfully conducted by for a considerable distance (more than 200 km), it means that the Navy was at least able to take advantage yakont at its maximum parameters.

State navies in southeast asia as it is known today also operates the anti-ship missiles, Malaysia has a Atomat missile, and Excocet, Thailand has a harpoon and C802, Singapore has a last block harpoon . Seeing this, the existence of yakhont in TN AL is not a big threat to them and from my opinion, Malaysia that is very provocative and aggressive towards Indonesia does not need to worry on this yakhonn missiles.

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