Jamaran : first iranian indigneous frigate launched

Iran has commissioned its first indigenously built frigate,Jamaran, during a ceremony at Bandar Abbas on 19 February.

Built under the Mowj project, Jamaran is referred to locally as a 'destroyer', although the design is based on the Iranian Navy's existing 1960s-vintage British-built Alvand-class (Vosper Mk 5) frigates.

According to local state-owned media reports, the ship displaces 1,420-1,500 tons, which is the size of a light frigate or corvette.

Although the frigate does not have a hangar, space has been provided for a flight deck capable of operating an AB 212 helicopter. It is Iran's first helicopter-capable surface combatant; the earlier Alvand-class frigates are fitted with gun and missile systems at the stern.

A second indigenously built frigate – built to the same design – is in the latter stages of construction at Bandar Abbas.

Jamaran is the name of a domestically produced Mowj class Corvette[3] [4] / light guided missile frigate [3] [4] launched in early 2010 in Bandar-e-Abbas, Iran. Iran said that the manufacture of Jamaran and the missile boat Paykan were among the greatest achievements of the Iranian Navy and the ship's launch marks a major technological leap for Iran's naval industries.[6][5] It is the first ship of its class. More ships in its class are under construction. The ship is designed for a crew of 120-140.[7] The Jamaran-class combines traditional anti-submarine capabilities with systems to deal with surface and air threats as well.

weapon system
The primary weapon deployed by Jamaran-class vessels is the Bell 214, which acts in concert with shipboard sensors to seek out and destroy submarines at long distances from the ships. The Jamaran class can run an helicopter in-flight refueling (HIFR) operation when a helicopter approaches on the landing platform, which is not necessarily suited for landing operations. [8] The Jamaran-class also carries a close-in anti-submarine weapon 324 mm light torpedoes, launched from triple torpedo launchers either side of the forward end of the helicopter landing pad. A secondary anti-shipping role is supported possibly by four C-802 surface-to-surface missiles, mounted in four box launchers at the main deck level between the funnel and the helicopter landing pad.[9] [10] For anti-aircraft self-defense the Jamaran-class is supported possibly by four SM-1[citation needed] surface-to-air missiles in four box launchers at the main deck level near the helicopter landing pad. The Jamaran-class is also carries two 20mm and one 40mm maned autocannon to provide a shipboard point-defense against incoming anti-ship missiles and aircraft. [10] [4] The main gun on the fo'c'sle is a 76 mm Fajr-27 gun. The gun is capable of firing shells at a rate of 85 rounds per minute at a range of more than 17 kilometers. The Fajr-27 is a multi-purpose weapon usable against surface and air targets and can also firing shells in ship-to-shore bombardment. [11]

source : janes.com and wikipedia

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