Indonesia Air Force Trainer Aircraft KT Wong Bee Catch In Fire

source: tempo
TEMPO Interactive, Denpasar - The wreck of the plane-I KT Wong Bee at the end of the runway that had fallen from Ngurah Rai International Airport began evacuated Ivestigasi Army Air Force Team, Friday (25 / 6).

The wreck was subsequently transported to the Headquarters Air Force Operational Ngurah Rai to investigate the cause of the plane dropped.

Commander Field Army Air Force pilots Lt. Aldrin P Mongan reluctant to provide information related to the work of the investigative team. "I can not give any details. Later all the news conference, "said Aldrin. Air Force officials also banned journalists into the area of Ngurah Rai Airport.

Aircraft KT-1 Wong Bee yesterday fell Thursday while flying happily along with several officials in Bali as the Udayana Military Command IX, Head of Bank Indonesia Denpasar, Commander Army Air Force and the Ngurah Rai Bali Regional Police Chief.

The plane piloted by Lieutenant Commander Aviation Ramoth Sinaga with IX Udayana Major General Rachmat Budiyanto burning in the air. Both crew members escaped by using the parachute after hitting plane seats palmyra. Ramoth currently being treated at Sanglah Hospital while Rachmat Budiyanto

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