Pak-Da : Russian answer of B-52 American Bomber

To enhance combat capability and maintain status as a super power and maintain the military balance between Russia and the USA, Putin called for a strategic bomber program soon realized a new generation.
Russia is developing the 5th generation of strategic bombers. Program bomber named Pak-Da.Pak-da are expected to have stealth capability as bomber B-52's USA.
Pak-development platform to be taken from Da Tu-160 bombers that have the ability at least equivalent kinematic Tu-160. It is expected that this program is completed in the year 2025.
Here's an excerpt from the Pakda (from wiki):
he Russian Air Force has tactical and technical requirements for a new generation of strategic bombers, as reported by Interfax. According to some sources, the PAK DA will be based on the supersonic Tu-160 bomber.[2] Later references to the new bomber, including a televised address from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, seem to imply the aircraft will be an entirely new design. Some speculation suggests that it might follow the stealthy design of the America B-2 Spirit bomber, but there is little public evidence to support tha

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